What is blended learning? – An update.

Following on from this blog post:  /www.flippedacademic.co.uk/ippedacademic.co.uk/2014/03/what-is-blended-learning-some-help.html I would like to thank those who commented or contacted me. One thing that seemed to be a big hit was the graphic of the model, so here it is in a more polished looking format (personally I like the scribbled version, but apparently it doesn’t look so […]

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What is blended learning? Some help please in getting to a practicaldefinition.

What does “blended learning” mean ? Over the past few months colleagues and I have been increasingly looking towards formally structuring online and distance learning through the development of instructional design models and frameworks for the development of those learning experiences. Whilst my role as Head of E-Learning touches on many aspects of distance learning […]

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There’s more to “Going Google” than just the Google Apps.

So, you’re getting Google Apps for your school/college/business! (or maybe just thinking about it). Either way it’s going to be a great ride. Of course you already know about why you have chosen Google Apps – If not, you can start here:  http://www.google.co.uk/enterprise/apps/education/benefits.html But…………there is more to Google than just their apps. It opens up […]

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MOOC Musing

I have undertaken 3 MOOCs over the last 18 months, partly to scope any potential MOOC development ideas and also to explore the concepts and theories behind MOOCs, but also for my own professional development. My most recent MOOC sign up is the OLDS MOOC – http://www.olds.ac.uk/ which is the JISC funded MOOC led by […]

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Channels of enthusiasm.

So here I am sat at an indoor skatepark watching my son (and about 20 other kids (who happen to be all boys today)) let off some steam. I am casually observing their conversations and in particular their enthusiasm and support for each other. The amount of peer support they give each other (whether long […]

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