Student Complaints – Finding a balance in the new H.E. consumer world.

The article linked below shows an increase in student complaints. What can/should Universities do in this new world of consumer education? I suppose this was to be expected, but how do we balance the “consumer” nature of paying for learning with the requirement to engage in that activity?I have long used the analogy that […]

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Social media graphics

I was just doodling & made some social media graphics – pretty sure that I can’t use them anywhere as they represent trademarks, and twitter & Facebook are very clear about not altering their graphics/logos. So these are just for fun! So………..No Creative Commons license on this post!

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Channels of enthusiasm.

So here I am sat at an indoor skatepark watching my son (and about 20 other kids (who happen to be all boys today)) let off some steam. I am casually observing their conversations and in particular their enthusiasm and support for each other. The amount of peer support they give each other (whether long […]

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