This post is a text only copy of a guest blog I did for UCLan Centre for […]
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What would a "digital education" collective look like? Well I've been playing with an idea so please take a look and I'd love some feedback.
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A short post sharing three recent articles I have written or been interviewed for in relation to block teaching and hybrid/flexible learning.
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A few years ago I came across an approach to understanding oneself in a way which benefitted myself and others. The reason I am writing about it now is that it is still the single most useful analysis of who I am and what "makes me tick".
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The SPaM framework is an adaptation of the TPACK framework with a shift from technology to modality in support of Hybrid Education.
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I recently posted a short survey on twitter asking for experiences of teaching in a 'hyflex' mode with students simultaneously in person and joining remotely. This is a summary of the findings.
Leadership and teamwork go hand in hand. In this post I put together some thoughts on my approach to leadership based on my own leadership development and experience. Additionally I share a charter we recently developed as a team.
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This post expands on some twitter conversations about the role of educational developer and learning technologists that was taking place on twitter. Here I discuss a model for digital support and development we are using at the University of Liverpool.
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The pandemic, for all of it's awfulness, has perhaps offered up a sliver of sliver-lining in the sense that "digital" spaces have generally become more accepted as legitimate spaces for learning and teaching.
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Should students be required to switch their cameras on?