Having used the TPACK framework as an approach to digitally embedded academic development, I have rarely experienced staff who treat these domains equally (in terms of crtitical understanding) despite my own research showing that they recognise the value in doing so. Why is that?

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The #4wordpedagogy phenomenon.

Using twitter data from the #4wordpedagogy hashtag I have created a semi-interactive data set. I am hoping that this means the data is now less “static”. In this data model I have merely extracted the number of mentions each person has received based on the #4wordpedagogy hashtag activity. Roll your mouse over the circles to find out who they are.

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Open is Messy & That’s OK. #oer16

Having been involved in all of the OER Conferences (starting in Cambridge 2010) I feel like it’s evolved into something quite different from where is started (and that is a good thing in case you were wondering). What started out as a conference mostly about “resources” has become a conference where we explore what it means to be open.

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