Let’s put the play back into learning – it really DOES make a difference.

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So, how many of us feel guilty sometimes on a Sunday afternoon where you’ve let the kids on the games console and you really should get them off now but that peace and self time is just too nice?!

Well feel guilty no more – according to Daphne Bavelier gaming of any type is excellent for the brain!

More significantly is that this helps validate the gamification of learning. As a parent I have seen first hand how gaming engages my sons – “let me just finish this”.

How often have you heard them say that about homework? Imagine having to drag them away from the school work to play on the PS3? I am not for one moment suggesting this would be the case, but there is much to learn from the way games motivate users to want to do better, learn more and try harder.

I am no where near an expert in this area, but even when I have used small games in sessions they create a buzz, a healthy competition and a desire to want to be better.

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